Les contrats extension de garantie

Keep your vehicle in perfect working order


Picking up the cost after the initial 2-year warranty

Covers parts and labour costs for mechanical, electrical or electronic faults

24/7 assistance

Roadside assistance or towing if you break down

Loan of a replacement vehicle

If the vehicle cannot be repaired the same day (up to four working days) 

Local accommodation

If the vehicle cannot be used (up to three nights for the driver and his or her passengers)

Transport home or continue your journey

First class train or economy class air travel (for a train journey of over 8 hours)



Duration and mileage

The contract is taken out for a determined period and mileage. The services included in the contract expire when the first of the two limits is exceeded (duration or mileage)


  • Credit: the contract is transferable upon resale of your vehicle. It may not be terminated unless the vehicle is destroyed or stolen.
  • Payment plan: the contract may be terminated before its term without penalty.

Geographical coverage

More than 6,000 PEUGEOT service centres are ready to service your vehicle in 39 European countries, with no deposit payable in 19 of those countries. List of 39 countries with asterisk against countries where no deposit is payable.

Extension or amendment

The duration or mileage limit or both may be extended before the term of the contract is up.